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The 4 Covens
Witches' Oracle Playing Cards

 A, unique stunning 52 card deck, comprising 4 ‘coven’ suits from The League of Lid-Curving Witchery – Crooked Hats, Earth Weavers, Lid Sisters and Bindnapps!

Fourteen beautifully painted ‘court cards’, with Familiar, Seer, Priestess and Coats of Arms of each coven replacing Jack, Queen, King and Ace.


Give all your traditional card games a real ‘tzorkly’ twist with this exquisite deck –  then embark on a brand new oracle to discover 'which witch are you'!

The 4 Covens is a completely workable oracle, with each card having its very own resonant meaning derived from 'The Raising of Esma Rheron in 52 Steps' – the unique story  told entirely in rhyme of just how one Solitary witch learns the ways of all four covens to eventually become Grand High Priestess of The League of Lid-Curving Witchery.

Discover your own inner witch as this lavish deck and guidebook takes you on an unforgettable odyssey to learn the ways of the creature-witch!


A Deck, An Oracle, A Poetic Odyssey 

An Enchanted World of Witchery like you’ve never known before!


Learn how to play the witches' game of CAULDRON!


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