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About Us

The chance to alter the course of your life doesn't come along that often - but when it does, sometimes it's best to cling on tight and see where it takes you - which is exactly what we did when Matlock pid-padded into our lives seven years ago. 


The green-robed hare first 'appeared' on a miniature watercolour one majickal sun-turn. It changed our world, giving us the chance we'd long wished for - the opportunity to create some hope and positivity through our books and art. Since then, we haven't looked back.

Previously Phil had written crime-novels for Harper Collins, but had always longed to pen a different and more uplifting tale, an immersive story readers could 'live' within, whilst I had always nurtured a lifelong dream to paint a magical world.  

We are always indebted to the support of what we term our 'Saztaculous Matlock Folk' - a growing band of Matlock fans from around the world who have not only believed in us and the 'green-robed one', but also  helped us to successfully crowdfund both the trilogy and Upon a Tzorkly Moon. As they already know, and hopefully you'll now realise, there are always many more tales to be told!

Every day we still cling on tight to the original chance; happy, amazed and equally curious to see just where this intrepid clottabussed hare will take us next!

Hoping when the chance comes - you'll cling on tight, too...

Phil & Jacqui Lovesey

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