‘Only in a world where the earth connects with the sky above will the roots of life nourish ourselves, each other and the precious wholeness of everything in the crown of nature herself.’


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Join Matlock the Hare as a young apprentice and journey deep into the crumlush heartlands of Winchett Dale to unlock the ancient mysteries of The Arboridium - the most majickal book of all.

Discover sacred secrets and saztaculous wisdom as you follow in Matlock's footsteps when he first encountered The Arboridium many years ago - a book that would one day become the oracle deck you now hold in your hand. 

Featuring 44 brand new watercolour artworks, guidebook, AND a brand new all-colour Matlock adventure book, The Arboridium takes you deeper into Matlock's 'majickal' world than ever before. A truly immersive oracle-adventure that allows you to access the ancient wisdom of Winchett Dale every day!

Ever wondered what it would be like to actually live in Winchett Dale?

The Arboridium has all the answers... 


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