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Opening its
door on Kickstarter
Tuesday 7th March


You are invited to the Majick Cottage, home of Matlock the Hare and generations of majickal-hares before him, as it opens its oak door to visitors seeking wisdom, fun, secrets and saztaculous adventures!

Our brand new oracle deck will feature 44 new artworks, each with their own unique story, all set in and around the most enchanted home in Winchett Dale.

Discover the history of its former owners, peep into places and passages never seen before, encounter other creatures who also call this their home, each with their own unique tale to tell.

Step inside this most saztaculous majickal cottage - and feel at home, wherever you are!


Blank Project (4).jpeg

  The Majick Cottage will comprise of 44 large tarot sized oracle cards with full colour companion guidebook to bring your visit to stunning life, as you learn many secrets lying in wait behind the welcoming stone walls. For safekeeping, the deck will come a sturdy, rigid box.

As with our previous decks, we will be crowdfunding The Majick Cottage on Kickstarter in 2023.   Follow the progress of its creation, card by card, on our social media feeds - as we ready the deck to be the most saztaculous, memorable & crumlush cottage getaway you've ever had! 

More details of the deck and its Kickstarter launch date will be available to all subsribers via our newsletters.

The Majick Cottage - now there is a place truly like home...


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