The 4 Covens

Coming to Kickstarter – Tuesday 12th January 2021 - (7pm GMT)


52 card deck, comprising 4 ‘coven’ suits from The League of Lid-Curving Witchery – Crooked Hats, Earth Weavers, Lid Sisters and Bindnapps!


The Arboridium

44 oracle cards, each with its own charming fable to explain its meaning in a 180 page full-colour guidebook, 'The Arboridium' is a whole new oracle experience will lead you deep into Winchett Dale to discover nature's hidden wisdom.


White Hare Wisdom

44 card oracle deck features brand new watercolour artworks alongside a 108 page full-colour guidebook detailing the explanation of each card. 

White Hare Wisdom.jpeg