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The (Not So) Secret Diary of Matlock the Hare

Welcome, one and all, to my diary – which I’m reliably informed by my chroniclers in the Great Beyond will somehow majickally be turned into something they call a ‘blog’. All well and good. I’m certainly never one to stifle progress, and majick is something I’m very much in favour of, even if my spells do go a little ‘glopped-up’ at times.

So, where to start?  Perhaps with the basics. My name is Matlock the Hare, and I am indeed a hare, albeit a majickal one with a wand, green robe, long purple slippers and my very own familiar, a dripple called Ayaani. Together, the two of us live in a cottage at the edge of Wand Wood in the crumlush surroundings of Winchett Dale. It’s a saztaculous place, my homeland, full of surprises, amazing creatures, witches and – perhaps inevitably – many adventures.

Welcome to Winchett Dale!


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