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The Puzzle of the Tillian Wand

by Phil & Jacqui Lovesey

 'Your finding task is one of the hardest that's ever been set, Matlock. It's almost as if you're meant to fail more than any other majickal-hare who's ever undertaken it.'

  Barely having time to take a hare's breath, Matlock the Hare is called away from a quiet even'up with friends in The Winchett Dale Inn to find himself plunged into a truly twizzlyfying second Most Majelicus Task that looks set to test every ounce of his hare's instinct, majickal prowess and courage.


  Join Matlock once more as he sets out to find the elusive Tillian Wand, in a race against time that has truly peffa-glopped consequences for the whole of the majickal-dales; battling a rising flood of disgruntled witches, deluded snoffibs and a white wizard-hare from across The Icy Seas determined to prove himself the most saztaculous of all hares at any costs...

Complete with over 30 full-page illustrations, maps and glossaries, The Puzzle of the Tillian Wand  leads you deeper and deeper into a majickal-world full of unforgettable adventures, loveable characters  - and more twists and turns than a russisculoffed sazpent!

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