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The Riddle of Trefflepugga Path

by Phil & Jacqui Lovesey

'The path, Mr Hare, is alive. It controls your destiny. The only way to beat it to solve its ancient riddle - if you can.'

Part One of 'The Most Majelicus Trilogy' sees Matlock the Hare forced to undertake the first of three peffa-dangerous, twizzly tasks that one day will decide not only his destiny, but also the very future of his clottabussed friends, homelands and all he holds dear to his hare's heart.


Join Matlock on the start of his unforgettable journey - and then perhaps begin to ask yourself: just where would Trefflepugga Path take you..?


Complete with over 30 full page illustrations, maps and glossaries, 'The Riddle of Trefflepugga Path' leads you deep into a fully-realised fantasy-world where nothing is ever quite as it appears to be...


Enjoy your journey - and watch out for the witches! 

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